Master of Science in Aquaculture

Master of Science in Aquaculture – Program by Coursework

Admission Requirement

1. Bachelor’s degree with CGPA 2.75 and above in sciences, engineering, economics, social sciences and management or;

2. Any other qualification equivalent to the related field and/or have a working experience in related field.

3. Demonstrate competency in English, satisfactory to the requirements of the University.

List of Courses

Elective Course (6 credit hours)

1.SA 6043Advanced Fish Nutrition and Physiology3 (2+1)
2.SA 6063Open Water Aquaculture System3 (2+1)
3.SA 6073Fish Reproductive Physiology3 (2+1)
4.SA 6103Live Feed Technology3 (2+1)
5.SA 6173Advanced Aquaculture Systems Design3 (2+1)
6.SA 6213Advanced Seed Production3 (3+0)

* Students are required to take at least 6 credit hours of any elective courses offered by these school or any equivelent standard courses offered by other school.

Programme Scheme


CodeCourseCredit Hour
SA 6014Research Methodology 4 (3+1)
SA 6024 Biosecurity and Seafood Safety4 (3+1)
SA 6034Sustainable Aquaculture4 (4+0)
SA 6082Case Study I3 (1+2)
SA 6223Special Topics in Aquaculture 3 (3+0)
XX XXXXElective Course3


CodeCourseCredit Hour
SA 6224 Aquaculture Business Management 4 (3+1)
SA 6263 Case Study II3 (0+3)
SA 6243Fish Health Management3 (2+1)
SA 6253Advance in Post harvest technology3 (2+1)
SA 6233Fish Nutrition3 (2+1)
XX XXXXElective Course3