Degree Programs Offered:

a. Bachelor of Science in Applied Science (Fisheries)

To produce graduates which have comprehensive knowledge in theory and applications of Fisheries Science. To prepare graduates with various knowledge in Fisheries Science which empasize on the efficient resources exploitation, sustainable resource management and resources utilization. To provide skilled human resources in various disciplines of Fisheries Science to meet employment demands in the relevant public and private sectors.

b. Bachelor of Science in Agrotechnology (Aquaculture)

Aquaculture is the farming of underwater creatures in controlled saltwater or freshwater environments.Students enrolled in a 3-year degree program in aquaculture gain the basic knowledge and skills necessary to farm aquatic organisms like crustaceans, mollusks and certain types of fish. Students learn how to manage and assess the population of fisheries, control fish hatcheries and aquaculture environments, and monitor and enhance aquatic environments.